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We help Coloradans and Californians obtain residential and commercial mortgages that best suite their unique, personal needs. Having been in business for over 17 years, we take pride in the personal touch we attach to each and every transaction.


Are you just curious what the possibilities are? Strong Financial Group is well equipped to get you started on the right foot with buying your next home.


We are excited at the opportunity to service repeat clients. We'd love to help you refinance your home and provide you with top notch customer service.


Interest rates vary from day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute. We're happy to provide you with a snapshot of today's interest rates.

We offer...

Residential Mortgages

  • Conventional
  • FHA & VA
  • Jumbo Loans
  • Loan Amounts $50,000 to $2,500,000
  • Aggressive Private Money
  • Investor Loans

Commercial Mortgages

  • Office
  • Warehouse
  • Land
  • Construction
  • Multi-Family


Mortgage Intelligence Tip: one way to see if a refinance makes sense is to divide your cost of the refinance by the monthly payment savings. This will give you the amount of time it will take to break even. A good rule of thumb is that most lenders want to see no more than a 36 month break even point.

There are many means of financing the purchase of a house. You can still buy a house with little money down. For instance: FHA is at 3.5% down and VA will finance 100% of your purchase! There is a new conventional loan that requires only 3% down.

Bad credit does NOT mean the end of your dream to purchase your own home. We can help you finance the purchase of your primary residence or your next real estate investment.

Find out why many times we beat banks and large lending institutions. "They" offer you their products, their rates, their qualification standards; we offer you a marketplace of options. Everything from conventional sources at the lowest rates to aggressive private money for all credits and documentation.


The weakest markets in America are now some of the strongest ones: Phoenix, many parts of Nevada, and even Florida among others. Here, in the Denver/Boulder Metro Area, many Realtors are reporting bidding wars for homes. What are YOU waiting for?

What's your goal?

The latest Case-Schiller Report states that Denver-area homes are up 9% this past year. Colorado is also #1 in the nation for employment opportunities!

California real estate values are once again going UP, UP, UP!

Don't wait! Buy your Colorado or California home soon.

Do you know all of the ways you can save money with a refinance? We do...

Think it's all about lower rates? Lower rates are just the beginning of the opportunities available.

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The first step in acquiring a mortgage is getting your most recent credit report. Get in touch with us to get the loan process started and your credit report will be pulled. Often, we do not charge them for the report until we close the loan.