I cannot document my income, can you help me? 

Yes, we can. Stated-income loans got a bad reputation with the financial crisis of 2008. Those days are gone, and we can tell you that indeed stated income loans are here. If you are self-employed or have reason to have a lot of deductions that reduce your net income, we have the loan products to help achieve your goals.

How long does a loan application typically take to process?

With us, a loan application takes only up to 24 hours.

What is the advantage in dealing with SFG vs a big bank?

The biggest advantage is that we have access to a lot of sources of funds. A big bank typically sells its own products and you are therefore tied to only what they offer. The other big advantage is that our loans are often priced lower than the banks. We cannot guarantee that you will not find a deal as good at a bank; but, you owe it to yourself to shop and see how we compare with your bank's rates and service. This brings us to what we offer with much pride: service. Service is a far-reaching concept, but to us it simply means that we will spend much extra effort to get you a great deal that suits your situation. See, we have to try harder, we rely on you to spread the word about the level of service we provide.

I have possible credit issues on my report, what can I do?

We advise all to let us evaluate where you stand. People are amazed at the opportunities open to them in the financing market place. There are common-sense underwriting loans for many challenging circumstances. Let us analyze your situation with no obligation. Typically, all it costs you is the cost of a credit report; our analysis is free.